Green River is a small breeder of medium sized Goldendoodles. Puppies are hand raised in our home and carefully socialized to become ideal pets. We breed for health, beauty and a calm, loving temperament. We only breed healthy, calm, loving dogs, so our puppies are the same. 


We have English Cream Retrievers mixed in our lines, so our dogs have the extra amiability of the English Creams and the silky, thick white and cream coats. We are also expanding into a line of apricots and reds. 


Our puppies grow to be an average of 45 lbs, a solid medium sized Goldendoodle. Some have been as small as 35 lbs and our largest has been 55 lbs. If you have a preference, we can help you choose a puppy that is likely to end up on the smaller or larger end of our range.


Located in the beautiful Berkshires in Massachusetts, we are an easy drive from Boston and New York City, and customers regularly come to us from all the New England states so that their puppy can avoid the stress of being shipped in cargo to their new home. 


We have carefully cultivated our bloodlines to be free of genetic disorders, and we screen the health of the parents to make sure we are only breeding the healthiest dogs. We feed our dogs premium grain free food and raw meat, and use human food grade supplements, and our dogs live in a stress free, abundantly loving environment. All of this creates healthy, happy puppies! 


We look forward to meeting you and helping you match with your new best friend and loyal companion. 

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