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Dams & Sires



Brigid is a gorgeous, sweet, loyal F2 Goldendoodle, the daughter of Nutmeg. She loves the snow! As with many Goldendoodles, she equally appreciates cuddling by the fire and playing outside. We think Brigid will be a wonderful first-time mom this winter. 




Gabriel is a sweet, eager to please, devoted, loving and compassionate Doodle. He passes on many wonderful characteristics as a sire in our program. He is 25 lbs and has s silky, beautiful coat.​



Dandelion is a loving, extraordinarily affectionate and intelligent F2 Goldendoodle, the daughter of Pearl. She is mild-tempered, playful and sweet. She loves to visit a local retirement home as a therapy dog. We expect her to be an excellent, loving mother. 




Bear is a handsome, loving, goofy and sweet F2 Goldendoodle boy with a gorgeous red-brown coat. All of our dogs adore him. 




Pearl is an AKC registered white Standard Poodle. She is an extremely good mother, attentive, loving and fierce. Her puppies are always content and calm, and as beautiful as she is!



Gracie is a very sweet Goldendoodle with our signature silky white coat. She is loving, eager to please and athletic. She loves to play fetch and swim. She produces happy, playful pups who also have her affectionate personality. Gracie is a devoted and attentive mother and that is reflected in her puppies.



Birdi takes loving and sweet to a whole new level. It is impossible to be more of either of those things than Birdi is. She is a devoted and attentive mom.


Nutmeg is an F2B Goldendoodle with a coat and build that is genetically more on the Poodle side. She is the most affectionate of all of our dogs, wanting always to snuggle into our laps on the couch. She is loyal and friendly and very mild-tempered. 


Celestia is an F2b Goldendoodle, with a heart of gold. She is playful, communicative and sensitive. We look forward to meeting her first litter (with Cedar) in March!



Jasper is a very white, very beautiful Goldendoodle angel. He is sweet, eager to please, friendly and sensitive to people in an almost telepathic way. He passes his extraordinary personality on to his pups.


Cedar is a full pedigree Golden Retriever from champion jumping bloodlines. He is a gorgeous red color and on the smaller side for a Golden. He is as sweet as Retrievers can be, eager to please, gentle and always happy to play.

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