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Animals are our healers and devoted companions, and our puppies are raised to be the best of these.














"I first met Faith a year ago, when I was looking for an adult dog, rather than a puppy. While that didn't work out, it was a chance to meet her and the Doodles. I was very positively impressed by the warm and loving atmosphere she provides. Last spring I was lucky enough to adopt my wonderful puppy. Anouk is all I could wish for. It goes without saying that she is beautiful,  more importantly, she's a very sweet, affectionate, intelligent pup, with just the right amount of goofiness to bring smiles to everyone who meets her."


Luz B.

Providence, RI


"Faith has been a real blessing for us. In the summer of 2017, we first visited her and her family. We had planned on going to three other breeders that day, but it was pretty much over from the moment they brought out six amazing puppies. Once we chose Sunny and brought him home, we were really fortunate to be able to contact Faith with questions about feeding, grooming, training, etc, etc. She really loves her dogs and cares enough to make sure they (and their new parents) are as settled and happy as possible.  This communication and Faith’s tips and wisdom continues to this day and has extended to dog-sitting when we’re in a pinch. Thanks again, Faith!  I could not possibly offer a stronger recommendation."


Bernie P.

Lenox, MA


"Jax is truly an amazing dog and is so loving, smart, kind and funny. So we have a friend of ours who is looking to buy a golden doodle just like Jax and wanted to get him from the same breeder. "

Nico C.

Madison, CT


We love our dog Zeke from Green River Goldendoodles! He's such a great dog - very smart, very snuggly and happy go lucky! We're planning on another one in the spring and will be checking the website.


Laura E. 

Haverhill, MA


My precious Kodaline is the most wonderful dog I could have asked for. He is beyond intelligent, and he is insightful. Faith is wonderful to work with and she has so much love for these dogs. She strives for health and a calm and collective temperament among her puppies. When I adopted Koda, I had the intention of training him past advanced obedience and performance, because of this, I temperament tested him to ensure that I would receive what I needed in a dog. His temperament is nothing but superb, and he is a delight to have in our family. Koda is now a task trained Medical Alert and Response Service Dog, he excels in K-9 nose work and may perhaps compete in service work in the near future. Koda is the light of my life and he has brought back my independence.


Leila V.

Boston, MA

Remy is beautiful and so smart! He’s been potty trained for two months and rings the potty bells when he has to go. Big lovable goofball. He has made me so happy. THANK YOU for raising such wonderful pups!


M. Lucheho

Monroe, NY


We adopted your Isaac renamed Duke. We love him so much. He has brought so much joy to our lives. Each and every one of us. He is sweet,  patient, loving,  athletic,  easy going. He gets lots of compliments. You do an amazing job and we are so appreciative that we found you.



Karen, Stephen, Christopher & Cayden C

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